Commodity News : Agri : Import duty on Tur as it is not aplicable on nations exporting to India

Updated Apr 18, 2017, 01.04 PM IST | Market Times

Central Government has recently imposed the import duty on tur in order to raise the prices of tur and to give a fair proportion to the farmers which is not reflected on the market. Import duty is not applicable as most of the countries which import tur. Business sources have given this information to the market times.

The central government has recently announced to imposed 10 percent import duty on tur import, most of the import of tur in India comes from Myanmar and African countries. Myanmar is a member of the ASEAN organization and will not be charged import duty on  import of tur  from Myanmar to India under the ASEAN Trade Agreement. Similarly, the imports of Tur from African countries which are economically poor, and import duty from African countries will not be imposed under the List of Developed Countries Agreement.


Business sources say that import duty on tur will not affect its prices, if the government wants to raise the price of tur, then the government will have to eliminate the stock limits on pulses across the country. Withdrawing the stock limit, traders will buy pulses from farmers to increase their stock, which may result in price rise in the market.

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